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Aklides® NUK

Automatic evaluation of DNA double strand breaks

Measurement of DNA double strand breaks

Source: joint study by German university centres
The measurement of DNA double strand breaks (DNA-DSB) with gammaH2AX-immunofluorescence microscopy (gammaH2AX-IFM) is an established method of detecting DNA damage, following cellular exposure to ionising radiation.
The visual counting of the foci is time consuming as well as objective and subject to artefacts. Therefore there is interest in an automated method, which also allows for standardisation of the assessment. With intelligent computer based pattern recognition, inter- and intra-laboratory variance can be reduced.

Advantages of Aklides NUK

Aklides Nuk provides automatic evaluation of gammaH2AX foci, with several important advantages over human evalation currently employed, including:
Analysis 4 to 5 times faster than manual reading.
Consistency between centres and between individuals.
Results are easily reproducible through standardisation of procedure.
Integrated dark room.
Platform system - can be updated according to future developments.
Aklides NUK system with gamma H2AX immunfluorescence microscopy

Product features

Motorised fluorescence microscope.
Motorised x-y table, up to 4 slides.
Database and archiving of results.
Application for various cell lines and human lymphocytes.
10 Minutes analysis per well with 100 cells counted.
Detailed result via readout of 8 parameters.
LED light source (4 wavelength LED).
CCD grey scale camera.
Olympus IX 81 with three objectives.
Aklides NUK DNA dual strand break analyser

Medipan GmbH

Aklides Nuk is part of the Aklides platform from Medipan GmbH, based near Berlin's new Brandenburg Airport.
Medipan's original focus was upon the development of radioactive and non-radioactive in vitro diagnostic tests, covering the fields of autoimmunity.
Applications include the areas of thyroid disease, type 1 diabetes, systemic rheumatic diseases and neurological diseases.

Aklides platform technology

Medipan introduced the first fully automated system of cell-based immunofluorescence tests - the Alkides system.
This technology soon found applications for cancer too and today the Aklides Nuk enables leading oncology centres to offer additional benefits to clinicians and patients, alongside conventional cancer treatments.

Analysis services

Medipan also offers a determination service to analyse the gamma-H2AX foci of your samples with their Aklides technology.
Aklides NUK double strand DNA break evaluation provides guidance for toleration of chemotherapy
Aklides NUK DNA dual strand break analyser

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Medipan GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Rapid, consistent and automatic assessment of double strand DNA breaks with gammaH2AX immunofluorescence microscopy
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