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Dermal Ultrasound

Deep ultrasound imaging

Ultrasound is used in many areas of medicine, and is one of the best known areas of safe, non-invasive healthcare. High frequency sound waves are emitted from a probe held against the skin and are scattered, absorbed or reflected by the various structures within the body.
An image is built up through the receiver, but images produced from deep scans are not always clear to the layman - or patient - and require expert interpretation. This is a result both of the frequency of sound waves used and the interference produced by intervening objects.

Imaging dermal structures

Ultrasound imaging of the skin and near underlying tissue is a different matter however.
Most ultrasound scanners are unable to image the skin, since much higher frequencies are required to resolve the fine structures found there.
Equally, the high frequency waves which can disclose a hair follicle and all supporting structures are unable to pentrate far within the body.
A dermal ultrasound scanner must therefore be a highly specialised device.
When imaging down to 2-3cm below the skin, structures become apparent which can be perceived in outline by the untrained eye.
With high frequency imaging down to only 2-3mm, the resulting clarity can be startling.
Few ultrasound scanners are capable of delivering images clear enough for e.g. skin cancer or burns evaluation, hair follicle analysis or detection and monitoring of pressure ulcers and wound undermining.
Episcan ultrasound image of a nail bed
Ultrasound image of a nail bed.

Episcan® I-200 

Episcan dermal ultrasound scanner
Flexible scanner with a range of interchangeable heads and capable of linear and area measurements in a choice of colour or grey scale formats.
Applications range from nursing and care homes to detecting X-ray transparent objects, research and evidence-based product or treatment evaluation.
Dermal ultrasound scanners can provide high definition images down to 2-3 cm and detect objects which are invisible to X-rays.
Ultrasound scsn for pressure ulcers
Ultrasound scan for pressure ulcer
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