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Dermal ultrasound scan showing skin structure
Dermal structure with hair follicles - click for larger picture

High definition dermal scanner

The Episcan I-200 ultrasound scanner provides non-invasive imaging of the skin and underlying 2cm of subdermal tissue.
A safe and pain-free virtual biopsy at the click of the mouse.
It is a flexible system with a choice of three easily interchangeable probes. Each works on a range of frequencies, centred on 18MHz, 35MHz or 45MHz.
Raising the frequency gives increased resolution but less penetration.

Early detection of pressure ulcers

Episcan with 18MHz scanner probe
In nursing and care homes Episcan reveals pressure sores before any visible signs are detected.
Patients can be scanned on admission to detect pressure ulcers which may already be forming, e.g. after long operations or under care of another home.
Those patients known to be at risk can be scanned quickly and simply to ensure that no problems are arising.
Where pressure ulcers do form they often cause undermining behind adjacent, apparently healthy skin, which then erupts later when healing seemed to have been under way.
pressure ulcer scan
Episcan can detect both early stage pressure ulcers and wound undermining.
Heel ultrasound image showing emerging pressure ulcer
Normal heel                               Abnormal heel
Screening of patients on admission protects the care home against claims and litigation costs. Precautions can then minimise pain and discomfort to the patient and save nursing time and materials.


e.g. skin cancer, aesthetics and research and development

Episcan with 35MHz and/or 45MHz scanner probe
Episcan dermal ultrasound scanner
Episcan images the skin with resolution down to 40 microns, with colour or monochrome display options and linear or area measurements. 
To evaluate skin cancer lesions, virtual biopsies can be taken, without pain or risk to the patient. The lesion is not disturbed, as with conventional biopsies.
Episcan reveals sub-surface structures with great detail. The best images can then be saved as B-scans, along with digital photographs if desired.
Episcan displays wrinkles and cellulite (near right) and it proves the effectiveness and duration of moisturisers. Hair follicles and associated structures show up clearly and it is a powerful tool for evaluating existing products or research and development of new ones.
Episcan I-200 dermal ultrasound scanner for virtual biopsy on face
skin lesion scale image
cellulite  image
skin lesion ultrasound image

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Wound undermining

Dermal and soft tissue ultrasound scanner for high resolution images and virtual biopsies of dermal and subdermal tissue.
Episcan has many uses, including pressure ulcer detection, wound management, virtual biopsies for skin cancer or burns and development or evaluation of medical or cosmetic products and protocols.
It has FDA and CE approval and is used in clinical, commercial or academic research settings.
Please provide brief details of your desired use and we will obtain a quotation for you including the appropriate configuration and training options.
Training is not required for some applications but for others, e.g. pressure ulcer detection, this will be helpful.
Various training options are available, on site, at the manufacturer's base or remotely, depending upon circumstances.
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Dermal ultrasound scanner
Needle stick injury revealed by dermal ultrasound
Episcan dermal ultrasound scanner