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German CyberKnife Services

Established CyberKnife centres

Is your CyberKnife centre fully used?

German CyberKnife Services will help you with on-site physics work during peak times or during staff vacation.
Remote treatment planning is offered with continued training, fast commissioning and acceptance testing, quality assurance survey and physics and application support on site.
Treatment guidance, technical training on-site, advanced in-house quality assessment and treatment tools and workflow optimisation are also well-proved tools for the performance of your CyberKnife Centre

Assistance for existing centres

Steps to improve performance

The best way to decide is to meet the team, during practical daily patient treatment at the CyberKnife Centre in G├╝strow.
The Radiation Therapy Specialist, Medical Physics Expert or the Clinic Manager of your centre is invited to meet the people who will provide the training, in Germany and on-site at your centre.
A road map for the training program and the targets will be fixed and a possible schedule will be discussed.
Advanced training and support avoids costly down-time for CyberKnife centres
German CyberKnife Services - Range of Services

New and recently opened centres

'Teething problems' and delays

The capital and maintenance costs for a new CyberKnife centre are considerable. Special treatment rooms must be contructed, which often means a complete new building.
Budgets can be stretched so unfortunately provision of training and support is often inadequate.
This can result in embarrassingly long settling-in and learning periods, down-time due to 'teething problems' and few patients being treated in the early months.

Improving earning potential

Soft tissue tumours require implantation of fiducials and knowledge of the Synchrony software. They generate more income but require greater expertise.
Advanced training unlocks the earning potential of a new CyberKnife centre.

Assistance for new centres

New CyberKnife centres often experience teething problems and delays

Creating a new CyberKnife centre

Planning and start-up

Purchase and commissioning service

If you are planning a new CyberKnife Centre, free-standing or within an existing hospital, German CyberKnife Services can assist you.
The full start-up package generally includes Commissioning plus first month on site and remote service for the following two months, including treatment planning services, plus one month training for two persons.
Clients of German CyberKnife Services then enjoy access to clinical trials and research, workshops for radiosurgery and CyberKnife technology and support for patient education and marketing.
Early treatment of soft tissue tumours earns enhanced revenue for CyberKnife centres

Enquiries to German CyberKnife Services

Make an enquiry and German CyberKnife Services will respond to you directly.
German CyberKnife Services
German CyberKnife Services, commissioning, training and technical support
Technical support for CyberKnife centres or for purchase or installation of a new CyberKnife.
Training in Germany, at the North German CyberKnife centre and/or at associated University Hospitals.
On-site training at your own CyberKnife centre.
On-site application, physics and technical support.
Workflow optimisation.
Quality Assurance tools and software.
Peak time cover.
Remote treatment planning.
Starting to treat your patients today at the North German CyberKnife Centre. This ensures early referrals and trains your staff in CyberKnife referrals and treatments.
Commissioning and acceptance testing. Commissioning generally takes 10 days with two experts from GCS.
Ensuring the quickest 'Go-Live' with GCS technical and physics support, to start your own revenue.
Helping you to start earlier on a wider range of CyberKnife treatments.
Improving treatment planning can shorten treatments. This provides greater patient comfort and safety and allows a higher throughput.
Shorter and longer advanced CyberKnife training courses, from one day to six months.
Cost effective planning of necessary purchases.
CyberKnife site planning (from the drawing board to the clinic).
Organise training and education for Medical Physicists, Medical Therapists and Clinicians, inc. 2 year formal Master Degree.
Commissioning a new centre to ensure that services start smoothly and promptly.
Managing the centre once open.
German CyberKnife Services - Range of Services
MHL for advanced medical treatments
MHL Health
Enquiry service for advanced medical technologies