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Why pay for independent support?

CyberKnife radiosurgery system for tumours and neurosurgical treatments
Many new CyberKnife centres have struggled to get up to speed, meaning loss of potential patient treatments and revenue.
Other centres, new and old, concentrate on easier intracranial treatments and miss out on treating soft tissue tumours including lung, liver and pancreas, which offer greater earning potential.
A relatively modest outlay on skilled training and support services can earn back its own cost in a remarkably short period.
These services are not included in the manufacturer's technical support package for the physical installation.
GCS - Range of Services
University of Luebeck, Germany
University Hospital Rostock, Germany
University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein at Kiel and Lübeck, Germany
University Hospital Greifswald, North Germany

What makes GCS unique?

Just one month after commissioning the centre was already treating patients at the rate of 50 per quarter, including head, spine, fiducials, Synchrony and lung.
Building upon this success, German CyberKnife Services now offers technical support and consultancy services to CyberKnife centres worldwide and to hospitals or companies wishing to establish new centres.
Saphir Radiosurgery North Germany was founded with cooperation from four University Hospitals in the Baltic region, including Lübeck and this is where GCS is based.
German CyberKnife Services

Access to wide-ranging services

Services may be provided by:
German CyberKnife Services, commissioning, training and technical support
Advanced CyberKnife training and support services enhance profitability and extend treatments to a greater range of cancer patients.
GCS personnel, either at their own premises or on-site at your facility.
Saphir Radiosurgery North Germany at their premises in Güstrow.
German Physics GmbH, specialist support company in clinical medical physics.
University hospitals in Lübeck, Kiel, Rostock or Greifswald, North Germany.
Any combination of the above.
Today it cooperates with Lübeck on developing new CyberKnife technologies, including an ultrasound tracking system, to avoid the need to implant metal fiducials (markers) for soft tissue tumours.

Improving return on investment

Quite simply there is not enough expertise worldwide to satisfy the technical and medical needs for quality and quantity of CyberKnife treatments needed.
From the wide experience of German CyberKnife Services, this is well short of what a new CyberKnife centre requires to make a good start.

Need for CyberKnife training

With the help of German CyberKnife Services personnel the CyberKnife was installed, completely commissioned (fixed, iris, MC) and treatments started within 2 ½ months from delivery.

Proven performance

GCS contributors

Most of the CyberKnife technology has been and is currently developed in Germany, at the University of Lübeck and the Institute for Robotics and Cognitive Systems.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Achim Schweikard

Prof. Dr. Ing. Achim Schweikart, University of Luebeck, North Germany
Director of the Robotics Lab at the University of Lübeck.
First engineer and patent holder of the CyberKnife technology, Prof Schweikard is the inventor of numerous technologies in medical robotics.
His invention of correlation-based tracking for cancer radiosurgery has started to become the standard of care in cancer radiosurgery. A large number of cancer patients worldwide have now been treated with this new, highly accurate method.

Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Dunst

Prof. Dr. med Juergen Dunst, University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Director of Radiotherapy and Radio-oncology at University Hospital Lübeck/Kiel.
Field of research and main focus: modulation of radiation effects, concurrent radio-chemo-therapy, radio-sensitisation through molecular therapies, cancer therapies without removing organs (breast cancer, bladder cancer, head and neck cancer), therapy of metastases.
Clinical trial since 1986: tumours in children (Reference Radiotherapist of German/ international Ewing’s Sarcoma Study).
Saphir Radiosurgery North Germany

Enquiries to German CyberKnife Services

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German CyberKnife Services
German CyberKnife Services
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