Below knee pressure socks or calf sleeves from ankle to below knee
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Customised compression garments

Customised garments give evenly graduated compression, avoid pressure points and improve blood circulation. Greater comfort in use also secures better compliance.

Everyone's leg is different

People do not come in standard sizes, small medium or large. Shape can also vary significantly, even from one leg to the other.
Standard pressure stockings can only deliver an average compression for the average person, so in reality the actual pressure will vary from place to place.
This makes the garment uncomfortable, reduces its effectiveness and can even make things worse in some cases.
Isobar socks custom-made from 260,000 measurements

3D modelling over 260,000 data points

Isobar garments are custom-made to fit your exact body size.
Firstly a 3D scan is made of your leg or arm and the data is sent directly to the manufacturers. In some countries you can even arrange for a representative to scan you at home or in the clinic or workplace.
Then the garment is knitted precisely for you, to ensure that an even pressure is maintained around the leg.
Graduated compression takes account of irregularities of shape or size
Your legs are scanned all around without physical contact
Finally the finished garment is sent to you directly after about 10 working days.
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Comfort is not a luxury. If a pressure garment is uncomfortable it will lie in the drawer unused, especially if it is intended to prevent problems that have not yet occurred.

Greater comfort

Long-lasting, comfortable and correct pressure in all areas


Isobar garments retain their original profile over 100 washes, so they remain both comfortable and effective for a long period.
With many pressure stockings the elasticity fades quite quickly over time, so after a few washes they are no longer of much use.
Only custom manufacture can ensure that an even gradation in pressure up the leg is achieved. In this way the garment can be most effective in aiding circulation, whether you are tall or short or larger in one limb than another.
Custome made garrment avoids pinch points or reverse pressure gradients

Graduated compression

Isobar compression socks for flying

Isobar compression socks are clinically proven to improve return blood flow to the heart, to minimise risk of DVT, ankle swelling and jetlag.
Custom made pressure socks for flying or sedentary occupations
For more details see the Isobar flight page.
Many people sit too long at the computer, television or in other situations without taking sufficient breaks.

Medical grade compression garments

Risks can be similar to flying, but can be compounded by longer, more habitual sitting and medical risks such as operations.
Pressure stockings are now routinely prescribed after surgery in particular, but what if they do not fit well?
For more details see the Isobar medical page.
Applying correct compression to the leg can enhance blood flow and oxygen supply during exercise and aid recovery afterwards, reducing swelling and fatigue.


Incorrect compression (tighter does not necessarily mean better) can be detrimental, so professional athletes can benefit from custom made garments.
For more details see the Isobar sports page.
Accidents, injuries or surgery can happen to anyone at any time and we all want to recover as quickly and safely as possible afterwards.

Recovery from strains and injuries

Thigh length pressure socks and arm sleeves, custom made to fit each patient

Distribution opportunities

Isobar welcomes enquiries from:
Clinics and retailers who would like to become an official Scanning Centre or to refer customers for scanning.
Businesses who would like to develop and manage a national distribution network for high quality, custom-made products from the UK in their country.
Visit the Isobar purchase page.

Personal or corporate purchase

Correct compression aids blood flow without causing restrictions
Correct compression for sports and athletics aids performance and recovery
Varicose veins in legs
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