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Customised compression garments

Isobar customised compression garments
Isobar custom-made pressure garments are ideal for varicose veins, venous ulcers, lymphoedema, ankle injuries and sprains or prevention of swelling and DVT.
Smaller veins nearer the surface, where flow is slower are the most likely to block, leading to varicose veins.


Lack of compliance, particularly with the elderly is a major issue in all branches of healthcare, including management of chronic venous insufficiency.
The benefits of pressure garments for varicose veins and venous leg ulcers are well established, but if they are not custom-made to fit the person accurately they may be uncomfortable and 'forgotten'.
Even so-called 'made to measure' garments are usually only supplied based upon a limited number of physical measurements and may require re-making several times before the patient is reasonably satisfied.

Measuring for a custom fit

Isobar measurements are taken without contact,  by a hand-held scanner. The results are transmitted to the factory where the garments are knitted to order.
Scanning for custom-made compression garment
Effect of compression on varicose veins
Poor blood flow in a varicose vein
Effect of compression on a varicose vein
Poor blood flow in a varicose vein
Chronic venous insufficiency shows in various forms, but put simply patients suffer from a set of complaints due to restricted blood flow.

Chronic venous insufficiency

The heart pumps blood out strongly through the arteries, but by the time it reaches the outer limbs the force to return it through the veins to the centre is weak.
Veins rely upon non-return valves, aided by body movements to ensure that blood flows back in the desired direction.
When this happens the valves may not operate correctly, blood flow reduces and the vein may become blocked.
Without sufficient bodily activity to stir up the flow and help it back to the heart, blood may pool in the feet and legs and veins become stretched.

Varicose veins

Restricted blood flow reduces oxygenation to the muscles and removal of cell waste products.   Eventually this can lead to breakdown of tissue and formation of a venous leg ulcer.

Leg ulcers

In deeper veins blood clots may form which can travel around the body. If part of the clot breaks away and reaches the lungs it may cause a fatal pulmonary embolism.

Deep vein thrombosis


Primary lymphoedema affects about one in ten thousand people but secondary lymphoedema is much more common, usually as a result of cancer treatment and removal of lymph nodes.
This leads to lack of drainage and swelling and one method of controlling the symptoms is compression.

Treating leg ulcers

Conventional treatment relies upon multi-layer bandages or compression stockings in standard sizes which are not suitable for non-standard legs.
Multi-layer bandaging is bulky and needs to be applied by a specially trained nurse, who will change the bandage at least once per week.
Isobar stockings are custom-made to the compression profile specified by a clinician, so patients of all shapes and sizes or those with limbs of different shapes or sizes can have well-fitting garments for even pressure application.
Research has proven the effect on calf venous transit times and Isobar stockings are machine-washable, keeping their specified pressure after 100 wash cycles.

Isobar applications

Isobar stockings are indicated for varicose veins, oedema, pigmentation or eczema, healed venous ulcers and active venous ulcers.
See also Q.Light non-laser phototherapy for chronic wounds, including venous and diabetic leg ulcers.
Venous ulcer healing after Q.Light phototherapy treatment
Venous ulcer before treatment with Q.Light phototherapy.
Venous ulcer after 6 weeks treatment with Q.Light
'There are no previous stockings or bandaging systems that can deliver the prescribed pressure accurately. My patients tell me that Isobar stockings are more comfortable than anything they have worn previously'.
Prof. Charles McCollum, MB ChB FRCS MD. Professor of Surgery and Head of Academic Surgery, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Isobar stockings offer benefits for ankle fractures, sprains, lower leg injuries and pulled muscles.

Ankle injuries and sprains

Swelling will be reduced after sprains and stockings are available to physiotherapists and hospitals in sets of different sizes for immediate use.
Even graduation of pressure assists blood flow and reduces pooling

Distribution opportunities

Isobar welcomes enquiries from:
Clinics and retailers who would like to become an official Scanning Centre or to refer customers for scanning.
Businesses who would like to develop and manage a national distribution network for high quality, custom-made products from the UK in their country.
Visit the Isobar purchase page.

Personal or corporate purchase

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Custom-fit compression with precise pressure
Progress of deep vein thrombosis
Compared to conventional tubigrip under an Aircast boot a recent university hospital study showed significantly better outcomes, including a 50% reduction in deep vein thrombosis.
Development of deep vein thrombosis
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