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Isobar purchase

Customised compression garments

How do I purchase Isobar garments?

Before you can order Isobar garments you must be scanned. This usually means visiting a registered scanning centre or clinic.
There are currently registered Isobar scanning centres or consultants in the following locations.
Alternatively there may be an exhibition planned near you where you can be scanned.
Isobar customised compression garments
Isobar garments are custom-made in various compression strengths, e.g. for athletes, long flights or sedentary occupations, post-operative recovery or care home applications.

Where can I be scanned?

United Kingdom
London, 3 locations

What if there are no scanning centres listed near me?

Below the knee compression socks or calf sleeves
Customers are scanned individually and measurements are transmitted to the factory
Thigh length compression socks or arm sleeves
More centres are planned soon around the world, so remember to check this page for updates.
Massachusetts - Cambridge
South Dakota - Sioux Falls
United Arab Emirates
Dubai, 2 locations

Distribution opportunities

Isobar welcomes enquiries from:
Clinics and retailers who would like to become an official Scanning Centre or to refer customers for scanning.
Businesses who would like to develop and manage a national distribution network for high quality, custom-made products from the UK in their country.
E-mail now for the latest details of how to purchase where you are.

Personal or corporate purchase

Sometimes an Isobar representative can come to your office or home to scan you there, particularly if you are part of a group or company with multiple users.
Once you have been scanned you can usually reorder without further scanning being required.
MHL for advanced medical treatments
MHL Health
Enquiry service for advanced medical technologies
Isobar compression garments are available in four colours
Once you have been scanned you can simply reorder when you ready
Flight socks are a very popular option, for travel or sedentary occupations