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Isobar for sports

Customised compression garments

Isobar customised compression garments
Optimised compression, without pinch points or negative pressure gradients improves circulation and performance during exercise and aids recovery afterwards.
How good are your sports compression aids? Do they really help you and how long do they last? These are important questions for serious athletes, trying to boost performance.

Distribution opportunities

Isobar welcomes enquiries from:
Clinics and retailers who would like to become an official Scanning Centre or to refer customers for scanning.
Businesses who would like to develop and manage a national distribution network for high quality, custom-made products from the UK in their country.
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Personal or corporate purchase

Compression, good or bad

'Our experiences with Isobar over the years have been nothing but positive. The price is worth it and the turnaround time rapid'.
Dr Jonathan Leeder. PhD (Recovery and Muscle Damage). CSci. BASES Accredited. Lead Physiologist British Cycling. Lead Physiologist and Lab Director at English Institute of Sport, Sportcity, Manchester
Professional athletes need to recover quickly from training and competing, to say nothing of sports injuries.

If they feel tight they must be good?

Not necessarily. That feeling of tightness may mean they are pinching and applying uneven  pressure. Standard pressure socks and sleeves only come in a small range of sizes so the fit is approximate.
Uneven compression is not going to be so effective at boosting circulation and may even lead to a tourniquet effect.

Flashy compression socks look the part!

That is nice, but isn't it better to have something that really works? Different colours and designs do affect the physical properties and performance of the garment and in very complex ways.
It may not matter much if it is more for show and visual reassurance, but isn't it better to have something made with 3D modelling to fit you exactly, measured at 260,000 points to ensure an even gradation of pressure?

They were good when they were new

Yes, but how long did the compression last? How quickly did it drop away and lose effectiveness?
Isobar compression is rated to withstand 100 machine washes at 40C. Can you say that about yours?
Long-lasting and comfortable pressure garments are knitted to order
Athletes of all shapes and sizes can benefit from custom-made compression garments
Custom-made compression garments aid performance and recovery
Correctly applied compression aids recovery after excercise
Scanning a cross section of the calf makes perfect sense. As a scientist, this is important. The athletes I have worked with have really benefitted from Isobar.'
Karl Cooke, Head of Sports Science and Medicine at British Swimming
'We have a wide range of sizes across the swim team and specificity is important.
Improved circulation is key to this recovery and the reduction of muscle fatigue, to keep in the game

Assured level of compression

Isobar delivers a quantifiable and clinical level of compression, whereas many garments provide variable compression, which can fall away quickly over time.
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