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Smaller, independent manufacturers

MHL seeks out advanced medical products for diagnosis or for therapy, especially in the field of non-invasive healthcare.
We also feature products for research purposes or for evaluation of efficacy of other devices or treatments and some manufacturers provide a remote clinical assessment service.
Most products are for doctors, hospitals, universities or commercial research companies, but some are also suitable for home use.


Sometimes manufacturers are unable to supply individual products to certain countries or usage may be restricted there, so please state your country and area of interest or intended use.
Many of the most exciting medical products and treatments come from new development companies, often as a spin-off from university research centres.
Smaller companies, often still heavily involved in research and development, cannot afford expensive sales and marketing teams.
MHL profiles new medical technologies alongside advanced medical treatments, offering a cost-effective approach to global product promotion.

New products

We are always seeking specialist medical manufacturers with innovative products for international promotion across our global web sites and media platforms. Please contact PPM Consult Ltd. for further details.
Episcan detects pressure sores before they are visible to the naked eye
Phototherapy for flame wound
Aklides NUK double strand DNA break evaluation provides guidance for toleration of chemotherapy
Dermal ultrasound scanner provides virtual biopsy for skin cancer and burns


Aklides NUK double strand DNA break evaluation provides guidance for toleration of chemotherapy
Advantages include speed of analysis and consistency between centres and individual operators.
The Alkides NUK system allows rapid and consistent, automatic assessment of double strand DNA breaks with gammaH2AX immunofluorescence microscopy.

Aklides® Nuk automatic assessment of DNA double strand breaks

Epican dermal ultrasound scanner

Episcan® dermal ultrasound scanner

For early detection of pressure ulcers and wound undermining, evaluation of burns, skin cancer, dermatology and for medical/cosmetic research.
Episcan provides clear images with linear and area dimensions for evidence-based assessments.
Generic Assays tests including Crohn's Disease and peripheral neuropathies

Generic Assays diagnostic tests

A range of advanced and high quality medical tests including some unique to this manufacturer.
Includes diagnosis of Crohn's Disease (distinct from Ulcerative Colitis) by Glycoprotein 2, peripheral polyneuropathies by ganglioside antibodies and the DotDiver automated analysis system.

Therapy and Prevention

Q.Light professional phototherapy
Q.Light PDT treatment system

Q.Light® non-laser phototherapy

Modular system for skin cancer (PDT), acute and chronic wounds e.g. burns, decubitus and diabetic ulcers, sports injuries/physiotherapy and dermatology.

Q.Light® PDT

Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment system, for revealing lesions and light source for photodynamic therapy (PDT).
Medical products
Advanced medical products including non-invasive diagnostic and therapy.
Isobar socks and sleeves custom-made from 260,000 measurements

Isobar® custom-made compression garments

Every Isobar sock, stocking or sleeve is made to order after a 3D scan of 260,000 data points, to ensure an even pressure gradient with no pinch points. Pressure is clinically specified for the patient and application requested.
Isobar is long lasting and comfortable for medical applications, sports, long distance travel or sedentary occupations.
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