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Non-laser Phototherapy

Laser or non-laser phototherapy

Low power laser is commonly used in physiotherapy and it is now used increasingly in other wound healing applications. Professional athletes, football/rugby players and even race horses are all treated with laser to accelerate recovery. 
Acute wounds such as cuts, tears and burns heal more quickly after treatment. Even very stubborn and long-term chronic wounds such as venous ulcers, pressure ulcers and diabetic ulcers can respond well to phototherapy.
Phototherapy has undergone many published laboratory studies and is already proven in randomised double blind controlled clinical trials.
These include osteoarthritis, tendinitis/ tendinopathies and other sports injuries, back and neck pain, diabetic foot and venous ulcer wound healing.
There are many forms of phototherapy devices, with low power laser being used in a wide variety of professional applications.
Treatment areas are quite small however and for some conditions a lower power delivered over a larger area can be more convenient and commercially practicable.
The Q.Light® range of non-laser phototherapy systems is designed for professionals, but is inherently safe also for home use.

Q.Light® Non-Laser phototherapy

Q.Light® PRO is a flexible, modular system for medical professionals with interchangeable filter modules, including the option of skin cancer diagnosis and treatment by photodynamic therapy (PDT).
Q.Light® phototherapy
Non-laser phototherapy has many advantages over laser therapy for wound healing or other medical and cosmetic applications.
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