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Q.Light Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

PDT is an attractive method of treating skin cancers without surgery and with excellent results aesthetically, but its widespread implementation has been held up by high costs.
Swiss manufacturers have taken the lead in non-laser phototherapy and Q.Products AG makes the largest range of flexible and specialised non-laser devices.
The flexible model for medical professionals who require a wide range of treatment options now has the capability to deliver the correct wavelengths of red, incoherent polarised light necessary to activate photosensitising creams such as Metvix® for PDT.
Q.Light PDT portable model
Q.Light® PDT, portable model
There is an additional blue diagnosis filter, which is used with a revealing cream to help identify lesions.
The specialised light sources required were very expensive and could not be used for anything else.
Q,Light PRO for skin cancer
Q.Light® PRO
skin cancer diagnosis and treatment
Q.Light® PRO is a modular device using filter modules of different characteristics to treat a wide range of medical conditions.

Q.Light® PRO

With the diagnosis and PDT treatment filter modules this reduces the cost of PDT equipment substantially, making treatments more viable financially.
Diagnosis: blue light 385nm - 450nm
PDT Treament: red, incoherent polarised light, 620nm - 780nm
Other optional filter modules allow phototherapy treatments of dermatological conditions, e.g. psoriasis and acne, acute or chronic wounds (see Q.Light phototherapy).
Together these make Q.Light® PRO a highly attractive and flexible device for dermatologists and skin cancer specialists with the capability of taking on new functions as required.

Product features

Polarised light radiation with power density of approx. 40 mW/cm² at maximum recommended treatment distance 40cm for most medical treatments, giving max. 40cm diameter coverage.
For PDT: 70mW/cm² (4.2J/cm²) at maximum recommended treatment distance 16.5cm with treatment diameter 16.5cm
Four aperture settings.
Inbuilt timer and multifunction display.
CE marked medical product, complying with Guidelines for Medical Products 9342 EWG and DIN EN ISO 13485:2003
Q.Light photodynamic therapy for skin cancer

Q.Light® PDT

Q.Light® PDT is a specialised model developed for skin cancer specialists who require more portablility. It comes complete with the Diagnosis and PDT Treatment filter modules.
It can be used on the Regular or Pro stands and also on the lightweight folding Home stand for ease of portability.
Maximum treatment diameter 15cm and Q.Light® PDT has a simple on/off control.
Q.Light PDT
Q.Light® PDT
The Regular or PRO stands give greater stability and are recommended wherever possible for professional use.
Q.Light® PRO cannot be used on the Home stand.

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Q.Light offers a flexible PDT light source for non-invasive skin cancer treatment in hospitals, clinics and local surgeries.
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Q.Light diagnostis and PDT treatment filter modules.
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