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See also Q.Light photodynamic therapy (PDT) for skin cancer.
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Q.Light medical applications

Low power laser is commonly used in physiotherapy and it is now used increasingly in other wound healing applications.
Acute wounds such as cuts, tears and burns heal more quickly after treatment. Even very stubborn and long-term chronic wounds such as venous ulcers, pressure ulcers and diabetic ulcers can respond well to phototherapy.
Lasers are very effective but therapeutic areas are small and safety precautions require closed treatment rooms. This has restricted their practical and commercial application.
Q-Light non-laser systems treat large areas quickly and evenly. No special precautions are necessary so nurses and therapists can apply Q-Light wherever convenient.
Q.Light CE marked medical devices are safe and simple to use. They are certified for sale to doctors and to the general public in Europe and Canada.
Venous ulcer treatment
Flame wound treatment
Diabetic scald
Q.Light Wound Care
Q.Light PRO
Q.Light PDT

Modular system for hospitals and clinics

Phototherapy is used in hospitals for acute wounds such as burns, chemical burns, skin tears and operation wounds. 
As early as World War II fighter pilots in southern England were treated with light therapy to improve healing of severe burns. Acccelerated wound closure allows early application of pressure dressings and can reduce scarring.
Light therapy can stimulate chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers and venous leg ulcers to start healing, even where they have persisted for years. Diabetic ulcers and diabetic gangrene also respond well. 
Treatment times are short and Q.Light® can be applied conveniently when dressings are changed, without moving the patient to another room or use of protective goggles.
The Q-Light® PRO non-laser system from Switzerland offers a wide therapeutic area up to 40cm diameter, allowing rapid and even treatment of large wounds.
A range of optional filter modules provides a choice of treatments with just the one Q.Light® unit. The general medical filter range offers Wound including infra-red, Wound excluding infra-red, Psoriasis/Dematitis, Pain, Acne and SAD.

Skin cancer specialists

Two further modules are offered for skin cancer specialists.  The diagnosis filter produces blue light for use with a revealing cream and the PDT treatment filter offers red, incoherent polarised light to activate a photosensitising cream such as Metvix® for photodynamic therapy.
Medical filter modules
Q.Light phototherapy
For details of Q.Light® for skin cancer photodynamic therapy, please follow the link Q-Light® PDT
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Phototherapy applications include sports injuries for athletes, physiotherapy, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and venous leg ulcers.


Acute and chronic wounds

Treatment of burns

Large treatment areas

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