Advanced Medical Treatments

We regret that our advanced treatment information service at has been discontinued.
It can be difficult and frustrating for patients to apply to hospitals directly. Some simply do not respond to patients in the first instance.
We work with university and specialist hospitals, mostly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA, though others may be included.
We introduce you to top specialist hospitals and doctors and you then make your own decision on treatment or discuss this with your local doctors, as you prefer.
We are not doctors and do not give medical advice, but we can often provide information on treatments that are available and well established  in other countries.
It has proven too onerous to keep a large web site updated with latest technical advances in treatment, but we can still make effective introductions for patients in selected cases.
Where will you try? The latest information on treatments and exclusions is rarely included in hospital web sites, so this will not be found by web search. Turn to social media and much information is anecdotal or incorrect.
By knowing the requirements of the centres which we work with, we can usually obtain a prompt response and an expert opinion on your particular case.
Ion beam therapy offers the same benefits as proton therapy but is up to three times more powerful. It is especially beneficial for stubborn, recurrent tumours or larger patients.
All arrangements for diagnostic tests or treatment are made directly with the hospital concerned.
If a hospital does not want to offer treatment in  รก particular case they will often just ignore the enquiry, so you have no guidance as to what you might try instead.
The hospital may not be suitable for your problem or may be too busy, or they may not treat foreign patients or many other factors may apply.

What does MHL Health do?

How do I arrange treatment?

Why not make my own enquiries?

You can send off a hundred enquiries at random, but hospitals are swamped with such enquiries and the response rate is low.

Treatment enquiries

We have reduced our workload and most enquiries now come from personal introductions and established referrers.
We can still handle a limited number of internet enquiries though, for which you should e-mail details of your requirements.
We will then tell you what we can offer in your case.
If you wish to proceed there is usually a flat enquiry fee to pay before we pass on your details to hospitals. We will advise you of this before it is payable.
Please e-mail brief details to:
MHL for advanced medical treatments
MHL Health
Enquiry service for advanced medical technologies