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German CyberKnife Services
German CyberKnife Services is based at Saphir Radiosurgery North Germany (ex CyberKnife Centre North Germany) between Berlin and Hamburg, which was set up with the backing of four local university hospitals.
German CyberKnife Services therefore has an intimate working knowledge of the CyberKnife radiosurgery system and is uniquely placed to offer its expertise to other centres.
These include Lübeck, where much of the CyberKnife technology now used worldwide was developed.
German CyberKnife Services, commissioning, training and technical support
Medical support services including purchasing, training and commissioning for advanced cancer centres.
Medical technologies are advancing at a rapid pace, but new devices and treatments often require large capital investments and structural changes, so take-up can be slow.
Investment in human capital is equally important and this is often overlooked by patients demanding the latest treatments to be established in their locality.
The cost and time required for training surgeons and all the medical and technical supporting staff is considerable and ongoing. Many team members will require training in other established centres first
When new treatment centres open or new advanced treatments are added at established hospitals, initial progress can be slow. There is no substitute for experience and there are many reasons why a new centre may fail to perform to expectations.
There may be technical issues with new equipment failing or being incorrectly set-up or misunderstood by those who must operate it.
Medical and patient service teams must learn to work together efficiently to avoid delays and to liaise with external experts and referrers as required.
It takes time to become proficient at handling new equipment and all the special software required to run it. Good preparation helps, but for the less common operations it is difficult for a new treatment centre to gain expertise.
Manufacturers market all the possible uses for their equipment, but new centres tend to concentrate upon more familiar areas, so the roll-out of new treatments can be slow.
Hospitals may require assistance in identifying the best equipment for their needs, in purchasing at best price, constructing necessary facilities and to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls encountered elsewhere.
MHL therefore seeks out providers of technical support and commissioning services, who can assist with the efficient planning, creation and running of advanced medical treatment facilities.
Too many large and expensive pieces of technology have been bought with the best of motives but sit unused or under-utilised, due to lack of necessary support funding or operational expertise.

Setting up new specialist treatment centres

Reasons for disappointing performance

Experienced technical support

Health budgets everywhere are being stretched to keep up with demand for expensive new treatments, so assets must be used efficiently to treat more patients, with minimum down-time for maintenance and repair.
Proton therapy treatment simulation
Advanced training and support avoids costly down-time for CyberKnife centres

Support for CyberKnife radiosurgery centres

Single room proton therapy centres

The high cost of offering proton therapy is falling as it is now possible to create smaller centres with much lower capital investment than previously.
Please contact MHL if you are interested in establishing  a single or two-room proton beam treatment centre or for details of proton therapy technical support.

Other services

We would like to hear from suppliers of other advanced medical support services.
Please contact MHL if you would like to discuss our  specialist medical promotion services.
Advanced  treatment planning skills key to success of new centre

New technology often under-used

New centres invariably tempt personnel from existing ones, so established centres must be continually training up more personnel than they require themselves.

Building expertise

This means that local patients do not gain the full benefits and hospitals do not get the best financial return on investment.

Efficient service teams

Medical technical support services
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